Japan Climate Initiative launched ~ JCCU participates in a network aiming for a decarbonizing society ~


On July 6, 2018, a press conference on the establishment of the "Japan Climate Initiative (JCI)" was held, and JCCU being a JCI member participated in the event. JCI is a loose network formed by diverse entities other than national governments, including companies, local governments, organizations, and NGOs actively engaging in climate protection. As of July 6, there are more than 105 organizations participating.

At the beginning of the press conference, Leading Advocate of JCI, Special Advisor to United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative in the Asia Pacific region, Mr. SUEYOSHI Takejiro made a speech on the whole idea behind the establishment of JCI and its importance to appeal to the world on work towards the decarbonization of Japanese society, and JCI’s aim to make Japan take leadership in Asia and the whole world to lead the SDGs.

Also, FUTAMURA Chikako, General Manager, JCCU Member Relations Division, reported on CO2 reduction efforts of consumer co-ops in Japan, as well as how the establishment of JIC is going to help Japan’s decarbonization, bring new synergistic effect of participating members and increase a sense of expectation for expanding the range of choices and decisions by consumers.

JCI-launched-01.jpg  JCI-launched-02.jpg

(L) FUTAMURA Chikako, giving a speech / (R) Press conference attendees

Activity Policy of JCI:

  1. To create a movement that will move Japan toward realizing a decarbonated society
  2. To support activities/practices of participating members,
  3. To hold discussions with the government to strengthen the countermeasures of Climate Change
  4. To promote dissemination of Japanese non-state actors' efforts to the world and international collaboration.

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