Co-op Kyushu Business Federation launched power retailing




Co-op Kyushu Business Federation, which is a federation of eight co-ops in Kyushu and Okinawa, has established a subsidiary company "Coopdenki Inc.". The subsidiary will supply "Co-op Electricity" that largely includes electricity procured by Japan’s Feed-in Tariffs to individual members of the eight co-ops. Feed-In Tariffs (FIT) is a pricing scheme for renewable energies at fixed prices and by long term set by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Through partner companies, "Coopdenki Inc." will procure electricity from wood biomass power generation in the Kyushu region, generated from processed woodchip using unused timber produced by forest thinning, etc. This will support local forestry and contribute to the conservation of forest resources.

The pricing is based on a "Kihon Menu (basic menu)" that uses about 30% of FIT electricity and 70% "FIT Denki Menu (FIT electricity menu)", both of which are cheaper than the general household electricity menu.

Co-op members can sign a contract for the use of “Co-op Electricity “and Co-op will work on their behalf to do cancellation of their previous contract with electricity retailers and further arrange for meter installation. The meter exchange construction fee is free.

Ahead of all other member co-ops, FCO・OP Consumer Co-operative in Fukuoka Prefecture is going to start the service from October 2018.

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