JCCU participated in the FSC Japan Press Conference 'Post 2020 Procurement of Sustainable Forest Resources'



JCCU has been promoting the development of environmentally friendly products that have received the Forest Stewardship Council FSC ® certification. As a holder of FSC certificate, it participated in the FSC Japan Press Conference held on July 2, 2018 under the theme "Post 2020 Procurement of Sustainable Forest Resources".

FSC certification ensures that products come from well managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. JCCU’s paper pack drinks such as "CO·OP mix carrot", tissue products and some other products are certified by FSC.

The interest in FSC certification has been increasing in recent times since its acquisition confirms that the business is not risking environmental and social norms.

Also, towards a better society, interest in consumer behavior considering human beings, society and the environment (ethical consumption) has been spreading gradually.

In this conference, 7 companies and organizations in the retail and food industry announced their commitment to proactively promote the procurement of certified FSC materials for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympics Games through the declaration of "FSC certified procurement declaration 2020".


The state of announcing "FSC certified procurement declaration 2020"

They made presentations on the actual procurement of FSC certified products. FUJII Yoshitsugu, Executive Director of JCCU who was one of the speakers spoke on the theme "The use of FSC-certified paper in CO·OP Brand Products and cardboard". He mentioned that JCCU is expanding the use of FSC certified products and the members' learning activities on FSC certified products is also increasing.

At the venue, " CO·OP Green Smoothie 125ml" in FSC certified paper container was distributed and introduced to visitors.

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(L) Introduction of Case study / (R) A state of product display with FSC label

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