Introducing the health promotion activities of Japanese Health and Welfare Co-ops in Nepal



the Government officials and the Japanese delegation (The sixth & seventh from left are Dr. TAKAHASHI and Ms. NAKAJIMA respectively)

From May 2-7, 2018, in the city of Kirtipur, Kathmandu district of Nepal, Dr. TAKAHASHI Jun and Ms. NAKAJIMA Michiko both board members of Japanese Health and Welfare Co-operative Federation (HeW Co-op Japan), introduced the Health Promotion Activities of Health and Welfare Co-ops in Japan to Nepalese Government Officials and other healthcare workers.


Volunteers from the Kirtiple City Health Center


Dr. TAKAHASHI explained the role that medical co-ops play in Japanese communities. He mentioned that Japan has social problems such as the aging population and the occurrence of relatively high poverty rate. In view of the circumstances, co-op members through the spirit of mutual help have contributed to share capital towards the establishment of health facilities in which they participate in the management of the business.

He further explained that "building mutually supportive mechanisms" is important to keep people in the community healthy.


Ms. NAKAJIMA Michiko also introduced the health checks and gymnastics being organized in the communities through demonstration and emphasized that it is also a fun activity and members can also consult professionals when having some difficulties.

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