International Day of Co-operative Forum held in Tokyo



Japan Co-operative Alliance (JCA) and Cooperatives Japan jointly held the 96th International Day of Co-operatives Forum on July 10, 2018 in Tokyo.

About 450 people including cooperative officials and members, academicians, and media representatives participated. 

After the opening remark, a panel discussion was held on the theme “JCA’s expected role for creating a sustainable society”. Ms. TANAKA Natsuko, President of the Japanese Society for Co-operative Studies was the coordinator and  Mr. HIGA Masahiro, Senior Executive Director of Central Union of Agricultural Co-operative (JA ZENCHU), Mr. FURUMURA Nobuhiro, President of Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union (JWCU),  Mr. ANDO Eiji, Managing Director of National Association of Labour Banks and WADA Toshiaki Managing Director of JCCU, were the 4 panelists who talked about the circumstances that led to the establishment of JCA in April this year and its future role.


4 panelists discussing about the future role of JCA

Following the first panel discussion a second one was held with Ms. TANAKA Natsuko as coordinator, and Ms. KURODA Kaori, President of Japan Civil Society Network on SDGs as a commentator, on the theme “Creating a sustainable society through the co-operation of cooperatives” with Mr. SHIMOONODA Hiroshi, President of JA Kagoshima Kimotsuki, Mr. NAGATA Nobuo, Managing Director of Saitama Council of Workers’ Welfare, Mr. IWAOKA Hiroyasu, President of Saitama Consumer Co-operative Union and Mr. TAKEMORI Tetsu, Director Shikoku Head Office of Central Worker Co-operative (CWC) as panelists. They reported on the practical activities and results of their respective organizations towards creating a sustainable society at work place and in daily life. After that, based on the reported cases, opinions were exchanged on the significance of cooperative cooperation. 

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