Children's Future Action kick-off event held


JCCU held a kickoff event for "Children’s Future Action” on April 18, 2018 in Tokyo.
"Children's Future Action" is an initiative launched by JCCU's "Study Group on Poverty of Children" in FY 2016, aiming at capturing the social problems of children including poverty, through learning sessions and deepening understanding to broaden the circle of sympathy for children issues.
A summary report of the study group underlines what co-op can do in order to eliminate the chain of children’s poverty and create a community that does not keep children in isolation.
childrens-future-action-kickoff-01.jpg State of the venue
On the day of the event, Professor Dr. YUZAWA Naomi, College of Community and Human Services, Rikkyo University, Ms. SUZUKI Akiko, a board member of NPO PANORAMA, and FUTAMURA Chikako, Director of Member Relations Division, JCCU, spoke on the theme "How Adults should Tackle with the Poverty Problem of Children" emphasizing on the current situation of children's poverty and how adults should be involved.
childrens-future-action-kickoff-02.jpg State of the “World Cafe" (workshop)
In addition, CEO of Human Resource Technology, Inc. Mr. Okawa Ko facilitated “World Café” (workshop) on the theme "Let's think about the future of children". Participants were divided into groups and discussed what they think about children's poverty and what they can do and reported the output of each group.
At the last of the event, kickoff proposal was made by Chairperson of the NPO Children's Social Work Center and a member of the Children's Future Action Promotion Committee, Mr. YUKISHIGE Tadataka. He commented, "It is a good thing to expand the place to learn about children's problems, and would like it to be an effort involving a lot of people".
JCCU, as an organization of mutual help, will continue to actively work on children's poverty problems in cooperation with other organizations.

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