Hiroshima Prefecture Consumer Co-op Union held 50th anniversary meeting


On Thursday, January 11, in Hiroshima, the Hiroshima Prefecture Consumer Co-operative Union celebrated the official beginning of the New Year, 2018.

The Prefectural Union celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding last year. It was attended by 130 people consisting of members of member co-ops, executives and employees of consumer co-ops, government officials and co-op stake holders.

The opening greetings were given by Mr. OKAMURA Nobuhide President of Hiroshima Prefecture Consumer Co-op Union, followed by two congratulatory addresses.

The first address was given by Ms. MORINAGA Chie, Director-General of Hiroshima Prefecture Environment and Citizens Affairs Bureau, on the theme "Cooperation with co-operatives that are engaged in community-based activities is indispensable, I would like to ask for continued cooperation toward the realization of safety and secure lifestyle for the residents in the prefecture”.

Taken turns, Mr. MOMIDA Kiyoshi, the President, Hiroshima Prefectural Union of Agricultural Cooperatives also addressed the audience on the theme "Collaboration between co-operatives is important for building a sustainable society in the future, and collaboration between JA and consumer co-ops will create a new era".

A memorial lecture was also given by Dr. TAKEDA Haruhito, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo, on the theme "Aiming for a symbiotic society - from the viewpoint of the Japanese economy, seen from a historical perspective". The main focus was the relationship between economic efficiency and the degree of happiness.
Professor TAKEDA mentioned that even if the economy had become globalized, the satisfaction level of the public has not risen and emphasized the role of organizations like co-operatives which satisfy social needs.