Eco Mark Award 2017 award ceremony held


JCCU received " Eco Mark Award 2017 - Product of the Year" award hosted by the Japan Environment Association. An award ceremony was held at the Eco Mark Forum on January 22, 2018.

"Eco Mark Award" is a system that recognizes excellent efforts of companies, organizations, etc., that have greatly contributed to "consumer's environmentconscious product selection, and formation of a sustainable society through corporate environmental improvement efforts".eco-mark-award.png

The "Product of the Year" is a commendation for products with excellent environmental performance and advanced ecofriendly design, etc. This time, all the JCCU Eco mark certified products (16 items) using recycled plastics and plant-derived plastics as packaging material were selected. During the introduction of the case examples of the winners, FUJII Yoshitsugu, Executive Director of JCCU introduced the company’s initiative towards promoting environmentally conscious products under the viewpoint of co-op members in the development of CO·OP Brand Products.