CO·OP × Red Cup Campaign


The “CO·OP × Red Cup Campaign” is an initiative by JCCU and its member Co-ops in cooperation with the Japan Association for the World Food Program (JAWFP) to extend support to the “School Meal Program” in selected countries to support the meal supply of school

The initiative was first carried out in Ghana for a period of three years from 2014 to 2016 realizing a total of 11.06 million JPY which was estimated to have supplied about 360,000 meals.

The 3-year program is completed successfully and from 2017 the Government of Ghana has taken over the management of the school lunch program. The same initiative is now being carried out in the Kingdom of Cambodia for a period of 3 years ending 2020.

The campaign was launched from October 1 to November 20, 2017 through consumer co-ops store outlets and home delivery catalog with the same campaign condition where one yen from the sale amount of some target CO·OP Brand Products is donated to WFP for the WFP School Meal Program. Within this campaign period an amount of 5.15 million JPY was realized which will be presented to the Japan Association for the World Food Program (JAWFP).

This brings the total amount obtained so far for this CO·OP Red Cup Campaign initiative since 2014 to be 16.2 million JPY.

Through social contribution from the sale of CO·OP products, JCCU and member co-ops as well as co-op members and producers will continue to support UN agencies to offer various assistance to developing countries.

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