New Year's Message HONDA Eiichi President of JCCU


I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Co-operative members, staff members, stakeholders and Co-operative colleagues around the world a sincere Happy New Year 2018. In 2017, consumer co-operatives nationwide promoted activities that aimed at solving regional problems. In recent days, problems of inequality and poverty are getting worse in Japan, and in order to extend assistance to solve such problems, consumer co-ops nationwide are working with diversified groups such as the food banks and children's cafeterias and with the cooperation of the local people. Many organizations including governments and individual people are motivated to achieve the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
" The philosophy of the SDGs "Leaving no one behind" is consistent with the ideals and policies of Japanese Consumer Co-operatives. JCCU and member co-ops are engaged in a variety of initiatives through co-op businesses, aiming at helping to change the current Japanese society to a type where no one is left behind. In order to create a community where people can feel safe and live in the sense of security, consumer co-ops nationwide, through regional cooperation, will expand the areas in which co-op members could join forces by strengthening the efforts that take advantage of the strengths of the co-op. We look forward to working with all of you in the spirit of cooperation.