JCCU joins RSPO towards reduction of environmental impact


JCCU has joined the RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) on October 25, 2017 as an initiative towards the procurement of sustainable raw material. This is the first time in Japan as a distribution business organization to take such initiative.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil obtained from fruit of oil palm. It is highly productive and contributes in meeting increasing global food demand. It is used for a wide range of products including foods, daily necessities and cosmetics. On the other hand, there is a reality that it is produced in a situation with many problems such as threat to climate change, loss of biodiversity, infringement of workers and children's rights.

Nowadays, procurement of environmentally friendly palm oil is recognized as a major issue. We JCCU believe that we can contribute to reducing environmental impact and creating a sustainable society through procurement and use of RSPO certified oil, hence our decision to join RSPO this time.

In recognition of the accession to the RSPO, JCCU will work on the following three points as its commitment.

(1) During FY 2017, JCCU will proceed with switching to B & C (Book and Claims) certified palm oil for all food items of CO·OP Brand Product.

(2) Supply of soap and cosmetics using MB (mass balance) certified palm oil will be started in FY 2018.

(3) By 2020, we will proceed to switch to B & C or MB (Mass Balance) certified palm oil for the entire CO·OP Brand Product.

Currently RSPO has about 3,500 member societies in the world, with about 70 organizations in Japan. CO-OP CLEAN CO., Ltd, a subsidiary of JCCU joined RSPO in 2006.

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