Co-op Mie held environmental activity donation ceremony


Co-op Mie aims to create a sustainable recyclingoriented society, and encourages environmental conservation activities with local communities.

On October 28, at the Mie Prefectural Center for the Arts "Donation ceremony for 2017 environmental activities" and "Environmental activity group exchange meeting" were held with the participation of 60 people including 11 organizations that applied for Co-op Mie's Environmental Donation Activity Grant in 2017 and the organizations that received grant last year. The Mie Prefecture Government and officials and employees of Co-op Mie were also present to deepen exchanges through the introduction of activities by the different groups and report on the use of grants from all the organizations that received last year.

After the explanation on the points of selection by the selection committee, the President of Co-op Mie, Mr. NISHIKAWA Koki presented certificates to all grant recipients of 2017. At the environmental activity group exchange meeting, participants were divided into groups and enjoyed exchanging opinions such as environmental issues of interest, expectations from Co-op Mie Environmental Activities etc with the Associate Professor Dr. AOKI Masao of Mie University Faculty of Humanities as facilitator.


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