JCCU Releases Business Summary FY 2016


On September 21, 2017 JCCU released the business summary for the fiscal 2016 (21 March 2016-20 March 2017) of 566 consumer co-ops nationwide.

Characteristics of fiscal 2016

(1) Increase in the number of members and household membership rate: Total membership of co-op members nationwide was 28.61 million, an increase of 420,000 from the previous year. Among them, the number of members of the communitybased co-ops was 21.78 million (101.9% same), and the household participation rate was 37.9% (0.4 points up).

(2) Numerical value "Increased revenue and fall in ordinary surplus": The total business turnover was 3,479.4 billion yen, an increase of 34.6 billion yen and the ordinary surplus was 55.6 billion yen, a decrease of 2.9 billion yen (94.9% year on year). Among them, the total business turnover of the community-based co-ops increased by 31.3 billion (101.1%), to 2,823.4 billion JPY, and ordinary surplus declined 3.2 billion JPY (94.0%), to 50.9 billion JPY.

(3) The home delivery business of communitybased co-ops continues to be buoyant.

The total turnover increased by 1,737 billion JPY (101.4% compared to the previous year). Among them, "individual home delivery" to private homes was 1,226.8 billion JPY exceeding the previous year by 3.3%. The store turnover remained almost the same as the previous year at 904.9 billion JPY. As of the end of fiscal 2016, there was a total of 965 stores (99.7% same as the previous year), and the total stores sales area was 1.28 million square meters (100.7%).

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