CO・OP Brand new releases October 2017


Two items of CO·OP original chocolate the “CO·OP cacao 85% chocolate” and the “CO·OP cacao 70% chocolate” have been developed using rainforest alliance certified cacao beans from Ghana and the Cote d’Ivoire. The main feature of the new products is its slight sweetness in bitter flavor. It was released on October 1, 2017. Those are the only ones in Japan using materials from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms except for imported chocolates.

JCCU positions "Ethical consumption" as an important theme in this year's CO·OP product and promotes efforts such as product development and campaigns considering the natural environment, people and society. In October JCCU plans to switch over 80% (Approximately 230 million cups a year) of its coffee and tea using raw materials to rainforest alliance certified farm. Rainforest Alliance Certified farms meet strict criteria from the viewpoint of ecological protection, environmental preservation, improvement of working environment etc.

The new release items are on sale nationwide at co-op stores and home delivery outlets.



(R) CO·OP cacao 85% chocolate (L) CO·OP cacao 70% chocolate 

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