Kyoto Co-op held children's Eco class


children-eco-class.pngOn August 8, Kyoto Co-op held a summer vacation Children’s eco class at Kyoto Prefecture Gymnasium (Shimadzu Arena Kyoto). The theme was about global warming in relation to food loss. 33 primary school students and 27 parents attended.

The participants learned about what food loss was and why it occurs through the lecturer’s explanation and through game "Food Loss Tag. Food loss was described as anything occurring in the process from production to consumption in the following manner such as, irregular-sized vegetables at the production site, misprints of the packaging material at the processing site, food items in which the expiration date is past at the supermarket, leftovers of disliked foods at the dining tables, etc.

During the second half of the class participants learned about what global warming was, its cause and measures and the relationship between global warming and food loss. Some of the children made comment like, “it was the first time to hear that 1/8 of food is being scooped. Henceforth I would like to eat without leaving anything even for things I dislike”. “What I learned at the eco-class today made me think that global warming is an issue for everyone and I want to have more chance to study again.” “I think everyone should cooperate with each other in order to prevent global warming”.