JCCU renews rice package of co-op products.


products-printed-with-rice-ink-logo.pngJCCU switches packaging materials of rice products to the use of eco-friendly rice ink from September 2017 starting with Co-op rice products being handled at Co-opdeli Consumer Co-operative Union and subsequently switch those being handled at Co-op Kinki a business federation and U Co-op in spring 2018.

Rice ink is environmentally-friendly and contributes to CO2 reduction and waste reduction by using resin derived from non-edible part of rice bran oil which is by-product of rice, as an alternative to petroleumderived based ink. In fiscal 2016, JCCU with the corporation of experts, formed the "2030 Environmental Targets Review Committee" to discuss and submit report on countermeasures against global warming. In the report it was mentioned that the standards of products and services and how they are designed will have a major impact on the environment and society.

It was also concluded that it is important to continue to thoroughly consider environmental conservation aspects such as resource saving, reuse and recycling in business management. JCCU considers global warming countermeasures to be an urgent issue in order to realize a sustainable society and will strive to develop and disseminate ecofriendly products.