JCCU Received Award on Food Education Practice


JCCU received the "Japanese Society of Shokuiku (Food Education) Practice Award" on food education activities of co-ops nationwide. The award ceremony was held at Ehime University (Matsuyama city, Ehime prefecture) on May 13, 2017.

The Japanese Society of Shokuiku promotes academic research on food education and practical dietary education activities. The society has been awarding prices to individuals or organizations that have continued food education activities for many years and are recognized as having a remarkable contribution in the area. This time, on behalf of co-ops nationwide JCCU received the first encouragement prize from the society.

WADA Toshiaki the Managing Director of JCCU who participated in the table award ceremony said, "Consumer Co-ops nationwide are promoting various efforts related to food, such as organizing exchanges with producers at the production areas and offering cooking classes. I am very grateful for your appreciation towards the food education activities of co-ops”.

JCCU will continue to proactively promote food educational activities with co-op nationwide to disseminate the right information regarding food issues to co-op members and the general public.