JCCU launched a new sub-brand for infants "Kirakira Step"



JCCU on April 1, 2017 launched a new sub-brand "Kirakira Step" for infants between 5 months to 3 years old. This initiative is carried out to support child-rearing families.

This brand is a joint development by JCCU and the Co-op Net Business Federation which is a federation of 6 consumer co-ops in the Tokyo metropolitan area.

JCCU, starting with the production of "Co-op Butter" in 1960, has since released various co-op products. One of the basic policies is to work on developing products that enhance convenience while responding to co-op members' demand.

This new brand is a series of CO・OP products mainly focusing on frozen food that are rare in baby food. Under the supervision of a managed nutritionist, JCCU has designed the optimal size, texture, ingredients selection and target ages for infants.

Starting with a portion type porridge which is convenient for cooking, JCCU is going to provide "material type" product to support the cooking of busy child-rearing households without spending much time in cooking.

According to the age of the child, the material could be made soft by grinding or easily arranging menus by combining with other ingredients.

In addition, information such as allergen and salt equivalent are displayed on the front of the package in an easy-to-understand manner.

JCCU conducted 8 group interviews, with a total of 66 people through registered monitors of Coop Net members who are actually raising children from August 2016 to January 2017, to get their views regarding the new product.

JCCU will continue to extend this support in the future.

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