Co-op wins best award for childrearing goods 2017


Through questionnaire survey for people who have subscribed to the magazines: "First Tamago (egg)-club," and "Tamago-club," "Hiyoko (baby chick)-club" issued by the Benesse Corporation, Co-op was awarded the 1st place in the "Tamahiyo Childrearing Goods Award 2017" in the food and meal delivery division, announced in March 2017 issue of the magazines released on February 15.

This is the second consecutive time that Co-op has come first in the survey.

The questionnaire survey was performed online with a total of about 2,000 respondents, evaluating Co-ops as the organization producing maternity and kids goods that serve the best interest of children between 0 month and 18 months old and convenient for pregnant women and mothers with small children.

The results ascertain the trust and satisfaction of co-op members receiving services that help with childrearing.

Co-op will continue to strive to provide goods and services that will satisfy child-raising families and maintain this recognition in the future.

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