Policy Recommendation


On January 5 2017, JCCU submitted to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, an opinion on the gas system reform. Currently for the realization of a gas system where consumers could have variety of choices, the reform of the “Act on the Securing of Safety and the Optimization of Transaction of Liquefied Petroleum Gas” is being considered by the ministry.

In respect of this, public comment on the Act has been made. JCCU, from the standpoint of consumers, submitted an opinion to the ministry on the gas system reform to ensure consumers easy and secure use of city gas.

In the opinion, JCCU expressed its support to the partial revision of the Act particularly the Guidelines for trade optimization in retail business of liquefied petroleum gas and requested that a regular investigation be carried out by the government regarding the compliance status of the guidelines to ensure price transparency, trade optimization and whether the law is being observed or not.

JCCU urges the government to take stronger measures in securing the safety of liquefied petroleum gas and the act on regulation of trading, if insufficient results are obtained in compliance with the guidelines.