JCCU and member Co-ops donate to Typhoon victims


In September 2016, Hokkaido was hit hard by "Typhoons 7, 9, 10 and 11" causing flooding and victimizing many people, while Typhoon 10 also devastated certain parts of the Iwate Prefecture.

In Hokkaido the typhoon caused serious damage to agricultural crops, livestock and the fishing industry with amount of damage estimated to be 168 billion JPY.

JCCU called on its member coops nationwide to organize separate urgent fund-raising to support the typhoon victims in Hokkaido and Iwate prefecture respectively. Members of Co-op Sapporo, in Hokkaido, donated 13 million JPY and the amount was donated to the Hokkaido Prefectural Government through the Red Cross to support the victims.

Also members of 73 consumer co-ops responded generously to this request by raising 38.45 million JPY which was also presented to the Hokkaido JA Group to assist in the welfare of the victims.

In total about 51.5 million JPY has been donated by Co-op members to the victims in Hokkaido. Similarly in Iwate Prefecture, Coop members nationwide gave warm support and encouragement and responded wholeheartedly to the emergency support fund raising. Seventy-six consumer co-ops donated a total of 41 million JPY to Iwate Prefectural Government.

A presentation ceremony was held on January 5 2017, and attended by Mr. KATO Yoshimasa, the Chairman of Iwate Consumer Co-operative Union, the Managing Director Mr. YOSHIDA Toshie and Mr. YAMAZAKI Wakami, Manager of Tohoku Chiren, JCCU.

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