Environmental Conservation activity promotion exchange meeting held


On December 12 2016, Nara Co-op in collaboration with 16 organizations in the prefecture engaged in the promotion of environmental conservation activities held a group exchange meeting to deepen understanding of each group activity. Thirty-two people including Co-op staff participated in the meeting.

Through the use of bulletin boards, documents and exhibition boards, the daily activities of each group was introduced followed by exchanges among them.

There was a report on the Nara Prefecture Environmental Comprehensive Plan formulated in March last year which serves as a guide to improve environmental sustainability in the prefecture.

Thereafter, Ms. KANEMITSU Yuka, director of Coop Nara introduced the Co-ops "RenewableEnergy Cooperative Fund" that gives subsidy to businesses to disseminate renewable energy and energy conservation in the region aiming to realize a self-sustained distributed energy society. Participating organizations interacted while reporting their respective efforts.

Lastly, the vice-chairperson of Co-op Nara Ms. NAKANO Motoko gave a closing remark, mentioning that the co-op intends to create a mechanism where ordinary people could work on environmental conservation activities without any difficulty.

tags: environment, sustainability