CO-OP Core Non Smile School Project donation presentation held


JCCU and its member Co-ops in cooperation with the Japan Committee for UNICEF had launched a UNICEF donation campaign under the theme "CO-OP core non smile school project" to raise funds to help improve the education environment for the school children in the Republic of Angola since 2010.

One yen from the sale of each pack of CO-OP brand toilet paper "core non roll" is donated to UNICEF for the project. The sixth phase of the project was executed from November 1, 2015 to October 31, 2016 through the home delivery catalog and the store outlets of community-based consumer co-ops nationwide.

During this one year period, approximately 10.8 million packs were sold yielding an amount of 10.8 million JPY. On December 20, 2016, the sixth donation presentation ceremony was held at the UNICEF House in Tokyo, where the amount was presented to the Japan Committee for UNICEF to support the "children-friendly" school project for the Angola children.

Mr. HAYAMI Ken, Executive Director of Japan Committee for UNICEF received the donation from Ms. ARAI Chitose Vice President of JCCU.

Mr. SHIMADA Hiroyuki, CEO of JCCU, gave the opening address and mentioned that "The UNICEF activities of consumer co-ops are promoted by members through various initiatives such as street fund-raising, lottery fund-raising etc. and donation through products such as the school project being described here. For 6 years the school project for the children of Angola has been advanced and JCCU would continue further."

Mr. Hayami, in his words of thanks mentioned that every child has the right to live including children born in difficult situations like Angola. UNICEF provides support for every child to live with confidence without discrimination and therefore asks JCCU’s continuing support in the future. JCCU and the Japan Committee for UNICEF have agreed to continue this project till October 2019 aiming at:

  1. Installation of appropriate water supply facilities and sanitation facilities for the schools and health education
  2. implementing training on sanitation education and teacher training on education with a focus on children,
  3. strengthening school management and promoting community participation,
  4. support health and hygiene education to make the entire schools in Angola childfriendly.

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