ICA-AP Training Program for Managers of Consumer Co-ops 2016 Winter


The second batch of the 2016 training program for managers of consumer co-operatives organized by ICA-AP in collaboration with Japanese Consumers’ Co-operative Union (JCCU) was held from November 28 to December 10. Co-op Kobe and the Co-op Net Business Association provided the training grounds, the facilities and resource persons.

It was attended by five co-operative store managers from NTUC FairPrice Singapore (Ms. Chong Wei Shi, Mr. Lim Wei Lun Irving & Mr. Tan Peng Kee), iCOOP Korea (Ms. Dahui Nam) and Saigon Coop (Mr. Le Hung Vinh).


In this training program, through lectures, store training and tour of co-op facilities the trainees learned extensively about the productivity improvement of co-op store business, how members voice are incorporated in co-op business and activities and the voluntary circle activities of the co-op members.

At the Co-op Net Business Association, the group received explanation on the structure of the business association and paid visits to a Co-op Net store and one of the senior citizens home to learn about the welfare service business of consumer coops. 


Visit to Home Delivery center of Co-op Net

In Co-op Kobe trainees inspected the home delivery and store facilities to learn about day-today workplace management. Also through lectures such as the history of co-op Kobe, members' activities, employee education, environmental activities, and welfare activities trainees learned about the role and the activities of consumer co-ops in the local community. 


Store training at Co-op Kobe

At the end of the program trainees made presentation to the board members of Co-op Kobe. They expressed their ideas about how they could use the training experience to solve practical solutions in their respective co-ops upon returning to their home countries. They returned home on December 11.

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