Policy recommendations on Renewal Energy Act and Guidelines for Power Retail Sales


JCCU on July 14 2016, submitted an opinion to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry towards the amendment of the “Renewal energy act (FIT Law)” in April 2017. In order for consumers to think and choose their preferred utility company, JCCU has submitted an opinion seeking to amend part of the rules for the procurement of renewable energy by electric utilities.

Similarly, on June 30 2016, JCCU submitted an opinion on the "Guidelines for power retail sales" to the electric power and gas trading surveillance committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry suggesting not only the encouragement of healthy and fair competition in the electricity and gas market but also the stable supply of electricity and city gas to consumers. Especially mandating the display of the power structure and the like, and the display of amount of generated radioactive waste per 1kwh power.

tags: policy reccomendation, renewable energy