JCCU donates to Earthquake Victims


Soon after the Kumamoto earthquake JCCU called on member co-ops to organize fundraising to support the victims and help with the reconstruction exercise. Co-op members responded generously towards the fundraising through the store and home delivery outlets from the period April to August 31.

On June 27 2016, the primary aggregate from 97 member coops and business federation was 860 million JPY of which 840 million JPY has been donated to Kumamoto prefecture and the remaining 20 million JPY donated to Oita Prefecture.

On July 7 2016, Mr. YOSHINAGA Akira the chairperson of Kumamoto Consumer Cooperative Union and Mr. SHIMADA Hiroyuki, Managing Director/CEO of JCCU visited the Kumamoto Prefectural Government and presented an amount of 840 million JPY to the Governor of the prefecture, Mr. KABASHIMA Ikuo for the reconstruction of victims life.

During the ceremony Mr. Kabashima mentioned that the donation would be used to minimize the pain of the victims. Mr. Shimada also mentioned that the donation is an expression of love and compassion from both the members and co-op staff towards the victims and that coop will continue to provide human support and help with the victims mental health care now and in the future.

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