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Activities of consumer co-ops and its members nationwide


Towards a Resource Recycling Society

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, in order not to rely on nuclear power, Consumer co-ops have been promoting the use of renewable energy such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass energy.

Towards a community where people live with a sense of security

Fureai COOP aims for the realization of a community where people can live the way they wish.


For Activation of Regional Agriculture

Fukui Co-operative Society established Fukui Rainbow Farm Inc. to produce safe and secure agricultural products and to activate the community.

Development of Sustainable Community

Nara Co-op collaborates with Kawakami Village to solve various problems in the community.


Food Drive Activity

Food drive activity is spreading nationwide as one of consumer co-ops' activities.

International Cooperation

Consumer co-ops in Japan value the spirit of mutual help and take part in various international cooperation.

"Circulation of Members' Voice"(FY2017)

Members' feedback is proactively utilized to improve CO·OP Brand Products.

Disaster Relief (FY2017)

Consumer co-op nationwide supports disaster affected areas.

Hibakusha Appeal

In April 2016, the survivors, known as Hibakusha, launched a signature campaign to call for an international treaty to eliminate nuclear weapons.