Consumer Co-ops' Social Activities

Japan is facing a fast-shrinking and aging population. The power of the community is weakening. Disparities and poverty are increasingly serious. Consumer co-ops are making efforts to solve the challenges in their communities by working with local governments and organizations.

Also, major natural disasters have occurred in the last 10 years in various parts of Japan, including the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. Consumer co-ops have been working on reconstruction activities together with co-op members and the communities, by making use of their disaster response experience.

On this featured page, we introduce leading cases by JCCU and its member co-ops addressing social issues in line with the seven actions declared on the "Co-op Action Plan for SDGs." It is a statement adopted by JCCU and its member co-ops at the 68th Annual General Assembly in 2018 to affirm their commitment to play major roles in achieving the SDGs.

In 2021, JCCU celebrated its 70th anniversary. In commemoration of this, JCCU applied and registered July 30 as "Consumers Co-operative Day" in reference to July 30, 1948, the date of promulgation of Consumers' Livelihood Co-operative Society Law (called, "Consumer Cooperatives Act").

JCCU will take this opportunity to re-examine the principles of the Japanese consumer co-ops and aim to realize "creating the future with the power of connections" set forth in the "2030 Vision of Japanese Consumer Co-ops."