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Sanchoku business

Co-op Sanchoku is a specific type of community-supported agriculture philosophy originally developed by the Japanese Consumer Co-operatives in the early 1970s. It was proposed to promote safe and secure food production from the viewpoint of the consumer while also addressing food and agricultural problems arising under urbanization, related to the widening distance between gfarmh and gtable.h Sanchoku is a Co-op business which continues to evolve in response to changes in society and the lifestyles of consumers while ensuring consistent supply of good quality and safe products.

Co-ops have been promoting sanchoku business and activities in response to consumer and members' needs for safety and secured agricultural products.

The basic aims of Sanchoku are:

  1. to provide safer and more reliable products
  2. to guarantee farm prices so farmers can continue with confidence
  3. to improve members diet
  4. to raise the standard of agriculture
  5. to promote sustainable production and eco-friendly business.