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Insurance Co-ops

Insurance Co-ops offer life and other insurance products that suit members' needs with more reasonable premiums and better coverage.
There are two types of Insurance federations; the Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers' Co-operative Federation (JCIF) which is a union of consumer co-operative societies from across the nation which are affiliated with JCCU and the other, the National Federation of Workers and Consumers Insurance Co-operatives (ZENROSAI) which offers insurance mainly to trade union members.

Following the revision of the Consumers' Livelihood Co-operative Law (CO-OP Law) in April 1, 2008 prohibiting mutual insurance organizations exceeding a certain size from engaging in subsidiary businesses in the retail field, the Japan CO-OP Insurance Consumers' Co-operative Federation (JCIF) was established.
Following this establishment of the JCIF, the direct insurance business being operated by the member co-ops has since been transferred to and integrated into a new union in March 2009.
The annual report of JCIF is given in pdf. format below.