Co-op Activities

Japanese co-ops perform social and cultural activities going far beyond their economic operations. There are various forms of co-op activities and a few of them are introduced here.

Actions for consumer's affairs

Co-op has been performing prominent roles in the constitution of the 'consumers' basic laws', including the 'Food Safety Law', and the realization of the 'consumers' group lawsuit system'. We are promoting further activities under the cooperation with consumers' groups, specialists and administrations.

Dietary education and food safety

We have contributed to the 'food safety basic law' and the drastic amendment of 'co-op law', by positively approaching to the Diet and administrations. Our contribution also includes the development and spread of co-op products from a view of food safety. In addition, to create a safe environment for food, we have build networks between governments and other organizations carrying activities concerned with food.

Environmental preservation activities

Co-op has been promoting development and spread of eco-friendly products. For example, we released non-phosphate detergent in 1980. We also have prompted member co-ops to obtain the ISO 14001 certification, along with promoting other activities concerned with environmental preservation.

In addition, we are offering eco-friendly proposals for family life, including recycle activities to reexamine lifestyle and some other eco-programs.

Welfare and mutual support activities

Co-ops across the nation are extending welfare and mutual support activities. 'Mutual support in life' activity is to support elderly citizens and disabled people by helping domestic affairs such as cooking and cleaning. Members also offer volunteer activities in welfare facilities and medical institutions.

Child-raising support and life reexamination activities

To support child-raising in the community, Co-op performs an activity named 'kosodate hiroba (child-raising Park)'. In addition, the 'life reexamination activity' is for members to improve one's livelihood by controlling domestic account, purposing to lower anxiety in life and in the future.

UNICEF activity and international cooperation

JCCU and each co-op around the nation have been performing the UNICEF activity since 1983, to support children and women in developing countries. Since then, we have collected more than five billion yen contributions in total. We also support the 'Asian co-op cooperative fund' for the development of Asian co-ops.