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Promotion of compliance is the pillar behind the management of Co-op's Social Responsibility.
One of the Co-op's important missions is to maintain consumer and member's confidence in Co-op products as well as Co-op itself. For this purpose Co-op promotes compliance in all of its businesses and activities.
The nationwide Consumer Co-ops are challenging to establish a sound organization that could be trusted by members, community, business partners and other concerned parties. Therefore, based on the amended Consumers Co-op Law, they endeavor to enhance their social responsibility by establishing and strengthening their internal control with compliance and risk management.
85% of the regional Co-ops are drawing up their code of conduct for their compliance management.
Some Consumer Co-op's have prepared 'integrated evaluation reports' by third parties evaluating Co-op's basic values including democratic management, fairness, safety of food and daily commodities, social activities such as environment, welfare and peace, education of members and staffs.

JCCU also has set up a compliance counter to handle internal problems on compliance and questions arising from daily operations. The purpose of this counter is to improve sensitivity toward risks to build sound organizational climate and proper business management. In 2007, the counter was consulted with twenty cases. Most of them were about the private information protection law.