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Co-op's commitment in product quality

Collaborated with the member co-ops, JCCU develops co-op products to distribute to members through co-ops around the nation. Co-op products are the original products of Co-op, developed and improved based on members' opinion and requests. The brand mark of 'CO-OP' is marked on the products.

Traceability and information provision are given to guarantee 'safety' and 'confidence'.

There are 5,623 items of co-op products in total as of April 2006. 4,723 of all items are food products. The products are categorized into several families. Some of them are, 'Nihon Series' with loyalty to home-grown ingredients, 'eco-friendly products', and 'Cal-Mag Series' with rich calcium and magnesium.

Quality Assurance Report 2016

quality assurance report 2016 »download [PDF 4.38MB]