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History of co-op product

Period Historical background Movement concerned with Coop products Representative products
Growth of major makers
Establishment of national brand and controlled prices
Threat to security in life
Air, water and other pollutions
Harmful food additives
Development of Coop products
Started as an epoch-making activity. Product development based on members' own need.
Coop butter
Extraordinarily low price, using no antioxidants and colorings
Mandarin orange
Using only sucrose, with no artificial sweeteners
Alcoholic detergent with high biodegradability
Mass development and consumption. Also increase of consumer movement
A period of high desire to own a private house, private vehicle and home electronics by the Japanese people.
Elimination of maker- controlled prices
Raising concern about food additives
Development of Coop products
Development of Co-op products (controlling prices and eliminating unnecessary food additives)
Made the first decision about Coop products policy
Color TV
Offered reasonable price that eventually became a price leader that contributed to the price-cutting of whole color TV products nation-wide
Aji Pack
Paper-packed natural soup stock with no chemical additives
Muenseki ham and sausage
Original processed meat products with no color fixing agent, binder, and preservation agent
Dramatic development of home-delivery business
Rapid growth of home-delivery business led by child-raising generation and increase of member activities.
On the other hand, the retail industry started to boom with new store openings and development of PB
Expansion of Co-op products
Advancement of product development in food and household products based on members request and opinions. Most of these have become PB of JCCU.
Review of Co-op product policy
(considering the view point of users and citizens)
Mix Carrot
Carrot juice mixed with vegetables, a pioneer product specially for children
It is the biggest hit product in all Co-op products
Canned dry soybeans
Dry soybean is a useful ingredient with rich nutrient and natural lusciousness, no juice and additives are added
Core-non roll
Eco-friendly and economical toilet paper with no center core
Made 100% of recycled milk cartons
Complicated food safety problems and increase of consumer's concern
BSE incident
Agrichemicals, so-called environmental hormones
Camouflage in food label
Development of PB in retail industry
Further adoption of sanchoku, safe and secure
Challenges to lead food safety issues
Reinforcement of scientific evaluation concerned with safety and labeling, along with building a pioneering standard
A substantial reinforcement of the Product Inspection Center
Further product development dealing with emerging issues of safety
Stay-on tab can
The first canned product without using pull-top tab is a Co-op product. Aimed at preventing the scattering of the removed tab.
Black tiger shrimp form Indonesia
Preserved lusciousness through one-time freezing at the production area
Thorough control of the production area including no sulfurous acid use and antibiotic control
Corn soft
Non-GMO product
Low birthrate and aging population, change in lifestyle
Diversification of lifestyle and change in value
Decrease average number of household
Increase health conscious
Increase intense competition in the retail industry
Market restructure and uprising of powerful retail groups
New entry of various industries
New strategies to meet member's needs
Collaborative product development emphasizing on 'high quality and low price', in response members' needs for 'better products with low price using co-operative power'
Development of quality Co-op products focusing on lusciousness, in response to the needs of members for 'higher quality products in smaller quantity'
Plain Yoghurt Bifidus
Low-priced yoghurt containing bifidus bacteria which is carried alive to one's intestine
Extra-virgin Canola oil
Salad oil with 100% extra virgin compressed oil, with low price
QCO raw wakame seaweed from Iwate prefecture
QCO packed materials for chirashi-sushi
Sushi-mix containing ten various ingredients including conger, seasoned with kelp