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History of JCCU

JCCU has over 50 years history since its establishment. An outline of historic events is shown below.
1945-Japanese Co-operative Union Association (Nikkyo Domei) established
1947-National Consumers' Co-operative Union established (Zenkyoren)
1951-Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU) established
1956-Co-op Trade Japan, Ltd., (CTJ) established to engage in import and export business based on inter-co-operative trade Became affiliated with Consumers Japan (Shoudanren) with headquarters in JCCU
1957-JCCU Women's National Council established
1958-National Co-operative Business Federation (Jigyoren) established
1967-First National Co-op Assembly
1973-First energy crisis (oil shock)
1974-National Co-op members' Assembly against inflation, price rising and product shortage
1978-1979-Second energy crisis
1981-Establishment of JCCU Employees' Pension Fund
1984-Petition against the deregulation of food additives. Co-hosted the Central Assembly
1985-Permitted to establishment JCCU Health Insurance Association
1986-National Members' Assembly to protect livelihood and actions against the regulation of Co-op
1987-Asian Consumer Co-operative Fund was established
1991-Collapse of bubble economy
1992-The 30th ICA General Assembly in Tokyo
1995-The Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake
1995-The 100th anniversary of ICA Adoption of 'definition', 'value', and 'principle' in co-operative identity
1997-Adoption of 'Co-op's Philosophy and Vision for the 21st Century' (at the 47th general assembly)
1998-Establishment of the 'National Solidarity Fund' and 'Co-op Business Support Organization'
2000-National Members' Assembly for the 'review of the Food Hygiene Law!' Certification of ISO14001 in all departments in Co-op Plaza
2005-Defined "vision 2010" for Japanese Consumer Co-op's
2006-Consumer organization lawsuit system enacted
2007-Approval of Revised Co-op Law
2008-Enforcement of Revised Co-op Law
2009-Start Co-op Insurance Business (JCIF)

History of Co-op products

1960-JCCU first Co-op brand product, Co-op Butter was produced
1961-JCCU second Co-op brand product, Co-op mikan canzume (canned mandarin orange) was produced
1965-Introduction of Co-op Soft (LAS laundry soap)
1967-Introduction of Co-op K Soft (environmentally friendly dishwashing detergent)
1969-Introduction of Co-op Sefter (environmentally friendly laundry soap)
1970-Total turnover of JCCU exceeded 10 trillion yen. Japanese sake with no salicylic acid, Niji no utage, was developed
1971-Co-op Color 20 inch TV was released
1972-Co-op Wiener, sausage was produced
1973-Co-op 'Muhyouhaku Kazunoko' (non-bleached salted herring roe) was developed
1976-JCCU product test laboratory was established
1981-Co-op Mix carrot was produced
1983-Co-op Aji-ichiban, non-fried instant noodles with no food additive were produced Compound Soap 'New clean' was developed he trademark of 'Co-op core-non roll' was registered and started use.
1984-Co-op Insurance 'Tasukeai' was launched 'Co-op corn soft 100 margarine' made with 100% corn oil was produced
1995-Series of manufactured foods 'Nihon Series', made only from domestic agricultural products, were released
2000-Co-op Insurance 'Ai- Plus' (term life insurance) was released
2001-National Brand Co-op products development was started 'New Co-op sanchoku standard' was proposed
2002-Annex of the product test laboratory was completed
2005-Started sale of 'Quality Co-op products'
2006-Drawn up new policy for co-op products
2007-Sales of series of new low price product
2008-Formation of an inspection committee to investigate the food poison problems encountered with the Chinese dumplings / putting in place a system to ensure product quality
2009-Revision of the new policy for co-op products