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Membership Eligibility (Requirements for joining co-op)

The Consumer Co-operative Law, which was established in 1948, prohibits co-ops in the following areas:

  • Limit the operation of co-ops within prefectures.
  • Prohibits the merger of Co-operatives across prefecture borders.
  • Prohibits non-member utilization.

Therefore, one can join co-op in the prefecture that he/she resides.

Another requirement is that one needs to contribute to the share capital (investment). Initial investment varies a little from co-op to co-op in the nation.

How to join

What happens to your share capital when you decide to leave co-op?

If you withdraw from co-op, your total amount of investments is returned.

There are two withdrawals: statutory withdrawal and optional withdrawal.

  • Statutory withdrawal is the withdrawal because of leaving the Prefecture or death
  • Optional withdrawal except for statutory withdrawal

Benefit of membership!

  1. You can receive dividends according to your investments.
  2. You can receive your patronage refund according to the sum total of your purchase.
  3. You can join exchanges and activities among members.
  4. You can use various services offered by co-op.