about us

Asada Katsumi
President, JCCU

The Japanese Consumer Co-operative is an organization organized by consumers becoming cooperative members through the payment of subscription, which is used to engage in business operations necessary for the betterment of the daily lives of the members. The main operation of the co-operative is to supply foods and other daily necessities through store operation and home delivery service to its members. It is also engaged in other operations, such as mutual-aid insurance, social welfare and medical services.

Reference to the World Co-operative Monitor Data to identify the top 300 Global Co-operative and mutual released by ICA.
They include, the National Federation of Agricultural Co-operative Associations (ZENNOH), the National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Co-operatives (ZENKYOREN), the National Federation of Workers & Consumers Insurance Co-operatives (ZENROSAI), the Shinkin Central Bank, Co-op Kobe, Co-op Sapporo, the Kyoei Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Ltd. and the Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union.

Mission Statement

The Ideals of Japanese Co-operative Movement for the 21st Century

Creating a more human lifestyle and sustainable society through the concerted efforts of individual citizens within the co-op society.

We will achieve this through business operations and activities that will bring economic and social relief to the members.

2020 Vision of Japanese Co-ops:

We are dedicated to working with the people to realize a new society where smiles and trust abound.
JCCU and its member co-ops nationwide adopted the "2020 Vision" at JCCU's General Assembly held in June 2011. The vision represents what the co-ops, as organization should be in 2020.