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Co-ops in Japan

Types of Co-ops in Japan

  • Consumers' Co-op
  • Agriculture Co-op
  • Fisheries' Co-op
  • Forest Owners' Co-op
  • Insurance Co-op
  • Workers' Co-op
  • Co-op Bank
  • Industrial Co-op

Co-operative Sectors in Japan

Sector Co-op Federation Member Co-op/
Business Turnover Governing Law Competent authorities
Consumer Japanese Consumers' Co-operative Union (JCCU) 621
24.2 mil
(Health 2.6 mil)
Retail, Insurance, Health, Welfare, Housing USD 28,302 mil Consumersf Livelihood Co-operative Society Law Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare
National Federation of Workers and Insurance Co-operatives (ZENROSAIi) 57
13.9 mil
Insurance USD 4,962 (Premium income) Do Do
Agriculture National Organizations of Agricultural Co-operative (JA) 810
5 mil (Regular)
4 mil (Assoc.)
Marketing, Farm guidance, Insurance, Saving & credit, Supplying USD 38,720 mil (Marketing) Agricultural Co-operative Society Law Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Fishery National Federation of Fisheries Co-operative Associations 1,669
Marketing, Supplying, Insurance, Saving & credit, Guidance USD 11,610 mil (Marketing) Fisheries Co-operative Association Law Do
Forestry National Federation of Forest owner's Co-operative Associations 943
1.7 mil
Marketing, Supplying, Guidance USD 2,656 mil Forest Co-operative Law Do
Workers Japan Workers' Co-operative Union 56
Welfare, Recycling, Maintenance, Food processing USD 181 mil None
(Voluntary Organization)

Co-operative Network in Japan

Co-operative Structure in Japan